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  horse drawing by Michael Hotz from Germany  

An extract from an article in the magazine "Horses in Art" by Sarah H. Crampton

Michael Hotz – Transporting Beauty

Horse painter Michael Hotz lives in Roermond, The Netherland. The customers for his equestrian fine art are from all over the world. He is proficient in several media – oil on canvas, watercolor, colored pencil, and pastel. Several years ago he started his own business as graphic designer and fine artist which allows him the time he truly values to be in contact with horses.

“Horses can reflect you in a pure way,” remarks Hotz. “You can’t fool a horse about what you feel or think.” Painting the horse as a subject enables him to show fascinating combinations such as energy and peace; freedom and reliability; beauty and intelligence. Hotz explains, “I also have to say that often I just do what really fascinates me even though I don’t really know why. I experiment. This is the key experience to me when painting – that in the process I am both witnessing and acting.”

Sometimes Hotz doesn’t paint for days and at other times it is hard for him to stop. A vital component to his artistic process is a peaceful mind combined with time for inspiration so the paintings don’t have the feel that they were hard work to produce. He explains, “I believe that in every painting the mood the artist had while creating it gets transported into the living room of the person who purchases the painting. So if I’m inspired, relaxed and happy while painting, this energy is reflected in the final artwork. And to imagine that it gets transported to the room where the painting will be put up later… is a beautiful thing.” He adds, “I paint what satisfies me… the wish to paint better comes from the inside and drives me to improve my artistic expression.”

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