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Graphic Design at the highest level


The following offers a portfolio of my creative work for various clients in the area of corporate, logo and print design, web design as well as photo editing and illustration:



Graphic design from Atelier Michael Hotz for Ecstatic Dance Heerlen Corporate design and webdesign

Corporate Design, Logo Design


How does design impact success?

First of all, the question arises: Why should you actually commission me when in this time and day you can do almost everything on your computer yourself? ... or you have an employee who just does it in "Word"? Is the investment in a professional graphic designer worthwhile at all? Is the difference between good and bad graphic design really noticeable?


To tell you the truth: The quality of design is probably not always consciously perceived, rather graphic design is perceived subconsciously—always—with a significant effect. We sense when something is "sound" and appeals to us.


Thus, aside from an appealing product or a convincing service, a harmonious design is decisive for success. And my clients can certainly attest to this.


How does good graphic design come to be?

In my view a great product or a great service offered build the basic foundation of successful graphic design. Here, “great” can mean innovative, high quality, sustainable, trustworthy, holistic, beautiful or simply useful.


My responsibility as the graphic designer is to listen carefully, to empathize with the target audience, to become inspired and draw from my extensive knowledge and experience of many years in this discipline. And then retreat and take the time to create a design that is not only appealing but also holistically sound. Because the wonderful product you offer your customers deserves a professional presentation that has a certain appeal and invokes interest.


Do good and talk about it

My claim is that great design emphazises crucial product features and performances, communicates them effectively and invokes focused interest. Too dry and theoretical? Then let me put it this way: as an experienced graphic designer, I take the time to create strong, intelligent and high quality design for my clients—design that never fails to generate an effective impact! Together we fine tune it until it is completely convincing. Long-time steady clients are proof that I succeed in this time and again.


What good can I do for you?

An indivualized logo? A fantastic website? An exquisite brochure? A complete corporate design? Call me and let us see what I can do for you.


While I cannot do everything, what I do I diligently tend to with care and great passion. And, in the end, good design speaks for itself.




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