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Katalog-Design von Ateliers Michael Hotz f?r Maharishi Ayurveda Michael Hotz war viele Jahre verantwortlich für das Corporate Design eines großen europäischen Ayurveda-Unternehmes. Grafikdesign / Webdesign der Landingpage als Freelancer / Freier Mitarbeiter in der Kreation / Kreativ-Abteiling einer Werbeagentur aus Mönchengladbach. Rahmengestaltung und Programmierung durch WFP Logo-Design der Deutschen Ayurveda Akademie Webdesign Deutsche Ayurveda Akademie Corprporate Design von Grafikdesigner Michael Hotz f?r hochweritge HiFi-Anlagen von idealsound Webdesign f?r Ayurveda-Arzt Corporate Design, Visitenkarten-Design, Webdesig f?r eine mobile Masseurin Art Direction / Prindesign / Flyer-Design Corporate Design und Webdesign f?r Roland Hotz TechnologieBeratung Logo-Design und Corporate Design f?r einen Baumpfleger Corporate Design, Logo-Design, Gestaltung von Drucksachen und Bildbearbeitung f?r eine Sattlerein
Corporate Design, Logo-Design, Gestaltung von Drucksachen und Bildbearbeitung f?r eine Sattlerein Webdesign und Programmierung von Atelier Michael Hotz Webdesign für Richard Herrschaft, der spirituelle Lebensberatung und ganzheitliche Geomantie anbietet Ehrlichkeit in der Werbung ist wichtig, weshalb das Atelier Michael Hotz Retuschen und Bildbearbeitung nur behutsam ausführt und nur da wo es Sinn macht. Wie zum Beispiel hier bei einem Foto eines ayurvedischen Stirngusses (Shirodhara), das mittels Photoshop mehr Glanzlichter und wärmere Farbtöne  erhalten hat. Die Illustration eines Pferdes Eine Illustration von einem Pferd von Michael Hotz


Good design speaks for itself

Is it worthwhile to invest in good graphic design? Is the difference between good and bad design work detectable anyway? Most of the time, the effects of graphic design are perceived with the subconscious rather than with the conscious mind. We somehow sense that something is “sound” and are aware that it resonates with us or not. Usually, we perceive clear and focused graphic design as pleasant to the eye and senses. Hence, convincing and professional design can be crucial for the success of your venture.


How does good graphic design come to be?

At the very foundation of successful graphic design rests a great product or a great service being offered. Here, “great” can mean innovative, high quality, sustainable, trustworthy, holistic, beautiful or simply useful. Everything else is the responsibility of the graphic designer: to listen carefully, to empathize with the client, to become inspired and draw from extensive knowledge and experience. Something great deserves a great presentation.


Do good and talk about it

Great design emphasizes crucial product features and performances, communicates them effectively and invokes focused interest to make them known. Too dry and theoretical? Let me put it this way: as an experienced graphic designer, I take the time to create strong, intelligent and high quality design for my clients – design that never fails to generate an effective impact!


What good can I do for you?

A suitable logo, a fantastic website, a convincing brochure, cool product packaging or a complete corporate design? No problem. I offer a great deal of creativity, curiosity, heartfelt passion and more than 15 years of on-the-job experience, regardless the size or status of my client. My foremost objective is always to make you look good!




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